Goods return within 14-day warranty

What if the goods purchased for you is not right and you want to return it within the statutory 14-day time limit?

In case you are a consumer, you have the right under § 1829 of the Civil Code (Law no. 89/2012 Coll.) to return purchased goods without any reason, within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of goods. You are entitled to return the goods if you do order through the Internet, by a personal collection or from any of our shops.

If you are not a consumer, and you buy the goods for commercial or business activities (which is decided by Company registration number on the purchase receipt), the right of withdrawal will not arise, because the law does not provide this option.

Where to return the goods?

Products can be returned to any of our branches.

You can also apply for your rights to return goods in writing, by withdrawing from the contract and sending the goods to:

DAVID Harrachov Sport Ltd. - Complaints Department
Harrachov 222
512 46 Harrachov

Please pack the return goods properly to avoid damage during shipment.

Please return the goods in its original state if possible to avoid a potential reduction of the refund costs incurred in bringing the goods in original condition.

The money for the goods will be sent to your bank account as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the days of the withdrawal, but not before there is a delivery of returned goods back to our claims department (or to prove that goods being returned to us has already been sent) . The buyer is in this case responsible for expenses connected with goods return.

In both cases, please enclose the ‘consumer withdraws from the contract’ form or letter.

Good to know

Packaging is not required
The packaging is not subject to purchase or part of the purchased stuff. Company DAVID Harrachov Sport Ltd. has the right to compensate for some goods return expenses. These costs are assessed individually and possibly deducted from the amount credited for the returned goods.

You can try the goods
However, there should not be apparent wear and tear. Goods may be used, but it is necessary to think about the costs that will company DAVID Harrachov Sport has with returning the goods in its original condition and customer may be required to pay for that costs.

You will avoid these fees if you return the goods in its original state alone (cleaning, completion, proper packing, etc..) Considering the variety of goods, each withdrawal case is solved individually.

Compliance with the 14-day warranty period

It is crucial to send the notification of withdrawing from the contract letter within 14 days of the warranty period. The warranty period is 14 calendar days, not working days, and begins on the next calendar day after purchasing the goods (eg. if customer buys the goods on Friday, warranty starts from Saturday).

In the shortest possible time by sending such withdrawal. It is necessary to send us the goods in the shortest possible time from the withdrawal. In this case, the customer is not obligated to pay for the costs associated with the transportation of goods to the seller.

What documents need to be attached?

When returning goods, we recommend that you always enclose a document that co confirms that you purchased the items with us and which helps us to identify the goods and the claim.

The best option is to send the completed consumer withdraw from the contract form and purchase document that you received on your e-mail address.

What goods can not be returned at all?

By law, the consumer can not withdraw from the contract in particular:

The exceptions are cases where both party expressly agreed about the withdrawal.

A brief summary at the end

An important document for download

Sample form for withdrawal from contract

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